The Opal Pinky Piece

$320 AUD

The Exclusive 500 Piece Release; of the Australia Opal Pinky Piece Design.

The Perfect Pinky Piece; READ HERE for the full design breakdown. 


Design Specifications

The textured signet with an organic setting of an Australian Opal triplet. 

Each ring comes with a signed authenticity card with a piece number, out of the total produced, (For example 1/500). 

  • Made from 925 Sterling Silver or 9ct Yellow Gold
  • Australian Opal; 10 x 8mm 
  • Origin; Lighting Ridge
  • Avg Weight: 10.5grams

Opal Colours

There is a natural variance in these stones from a blue/green hue, through to a rainbow red/orange. This unique element is what we truly feel gives the design further exclusivity and its own individual character.

We've done our best to choose an amazing batch, with the majority of the stones falling into the blue/green colouring. You will receive an email after the order asking if you have a preference of the colour combinations. If you are in anyway not happy with your particular stone, just reach out after purchase and we'll be able swap this over for you. 

Production & Shipping

As each piece is made to order, production is generally 10-15 business days. 
See here, to learn more about the PRODUCTION PROCESS?


Gold Metal Info

What is, 9ct Gold?

"9ct" represents 9 parts gold, out of a total of 24 parts. This is also represented by "375" Gold, which derives from 37.5% pure gold to 62.5% base metals. 
For our designs, we believe that 9ct Gold is the better option as it is a lot more durable for wearing on larger, signet style rings - due to the 62.5% of base metal in the alloy. 


What is the 'Perfect Fit Guarantee'?

For the re-opening of our online store on January 20th until March 1st - we're going to make this sizing guarantee, of finding the perfect fit. If you receive the order and it doesn't fit, we'll remake you one in your size, free of charge. 

*Only available for Australian residents. For our international customers, we'll still help you find the perfect size - so just get in touch after you receive the order and we'll go from there. 


Individually Made To Order

What does it mean, 'individually made to order'?

A very important element of the creation of our pieces, is the focus on the individual ring and it's purpose of being produced soley for you.

We are hoping that heirloom status is one day achieved with your piece of jewellery, or at the very least, it holds some significant value to you. 

We feel this is only properly recognised if the ring is made specifically for you, once you commission it through a sale - not sitting on the shelf waiting for ownership. 

So every piece is individually made to order out of the Crooked Howlet Designs studio, right here in Sydney, Australia. 

Earn the heirloom.