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$340 AUD

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Custom design for;

Miranda Macmullen

Design Shape;

Ring Size:



Sterling silver



I am working off your silver skull signet design - and adding a few things! So working with that design as a base. Here are the alterations to the ring: - As opposed to the oval face I was hoping to have a circular face. I believe my partner likes the look of when the ring face is bigger than the fingers width. And I'm hoping to put it on her middle finger. - The ring face is black, however the raised skull face remains silver like the body of the ring. - On each side of the ring's body there is an upside down cross - On the inside where the details of the ring are, I wanted to place a custom eye on the inner side of the ring face - on the bottom of the inside of the ring I was hoping to engrave the word "SEEN" - Can the font be NOT clean and perfect, and more a jagged look?

The Customs Process

The price here covers the complete customisation of the design, from all engravings, alterations and tweaks of the mock up until you are 100% happy with the piece and ready to proceed with casting. You are not limited to any amount of changes to the piece, we'll work with you until the piece is perfect! 

We will essentially partner with you until this is the exact piece you need.

It will also come with your own Bespoke Design Mould Number, in which you can order additional pieces at a later date - if for example, if you'd like to order for other family members etc. From there, the price will also come down for repeat purchases.


What is the 'Perfect Fit Guarantee'?

For the re-opening of our online store on January 20th until March 1st - we're going to make this sizing guarantee, of finding the perfect fit. If you receive the order and it doesn't fit, we'll remake you one in your size, free of charge. 

*Only available for Australian residents. For our international customers, we'll still help you find the perfect size - so just get in touch after you receive the order and we'll go from there.