Monthly Exclusives

As I am sure you’re aware by now, every month we release three designs available for that month only. This usually consists of a Rectangle Signet with the modern birthstone and a Cherokee piece with an alternate birthstone. As well as collaboration we have done with an artist for that year. 2017/18 we linked up with the master Hanaro Shinko, the German Tattoo artist. His neo-trad/tribal traditional designs with solid blacks, made for an amazing exclusive collection. Those who tapped into these pieces, have a limited run of some of our most respected and well designed pieces to date.


See some of the pieces below;


Month 1, Han Shinko x CHD

January 2017/18

Hanaro’s Double-headed Panther Design. Curved faced round signet.

Cast in 925 Sterling Silver, Oxidised.

Month 7, Han Shinko x CHD

July 2017/18

Hanaro’s Skulled-man Design. Round Signet.

Cast in 925 Sterling Silver, Oxidised.