The Thin Cushion Carnelian


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Design Specifications

We don't feel that it is up to us to pin the badge of "Heirloom" on a piece that is yet be taken through the wringer. We don't create heirlooms, you do, with a lifetime of stories. However, we can give you the blank canvas.

The Chapter Collection is designed with very minimal, clean lines and traditional set Cabochon. It can be hard as a designer to pull back and let the fundamentals carry the piece, as there is always a feeling of wanting to do more. These pieces have been kept classic, not over-designed or needing to have anything more than a perfect 'Black Canvas'... Enjoy.  

  • Made from 925 Sterling Silver 
  • Face size; 15 x 11mm
  • Avg Weight; 12.10g

What is the Chapter Collection?

This collection is brewed around the concept of lasting legacy. 

Each piece has a clean, minimal design approach with traditional stones and shapes. The purpose of which, is to have a timeless piece that is a blank canvas for you to go and build a lifetime of stories on. We don't create 'heirloom' pieces, you do, by wearing them. 

We hope that the condition your ring is in, in years to come, is far from the day you recieve it. But hopefully with every scratch and dent, you've got a lifetime of stories.

"Earn the heirloom"

Our clip here, on the Ring Library, incapulates this concept within the archive. 


What is the 'Perfect Fit Guarantee'?

For the re-opening of our online store on January 20th until March 1st - we're going to make this sizing guarantee, of finding the perfect fit. If you receive the order and it doesn't fit, we'll remake you one in your size, free of charge. 

*Only available for Australian residents. For our international customers, we'll still help you find the perfect size - so just get in touch after you receive the order and we'll go from there. 


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