The Chapter Collection

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There's now something on your hand that carries slightly more significance than the rest of the CHD collection. The collection were designed with this in mind... We don't feel that it is up to us to pin the badge of "Heirloom" on a piece that is yet be taken through the wringer. We don't create heirlooms, you do, with a lifetime of stories. However, we can give you the blank canvas.

The Chapter Collection is designed with very minimal, clean lines and traditional set Cabochon. It can be hard as a designer to pull back and let the fundamentals carry the piece, as there is always a feeling of wanting to do more. These pieces have been kept classic, not over-designed or needing to have anything more than a perfect 'Black Canvas'... Enjoy. 

Give the clip below a watch, which will give you the best understanding of what we hope these designs to mean to all of you...

What is the Ring Library? 
This bison leather ring bible, is a record of every piece we have ever produced. 

Your ring has a record of; What design was produced, When it was cast, for Who and What city it was then shipped off too. 
I have always scuffled with the idea of imbuing the feeling of a ring with 'legacy', that will hopefully become a family heirloom. It's hard to get that concept across with just the design of a piece, as its more in the mentality of the wearer. A Bundy Ginger Beer lid could become an heirloom, passed through the generations - admittedly, this would be a piss poor inheritance - but the idea of legacy is still there. 

With The Ring Library, this gives some defined age and significance to the piece. Who knows where any of us will be in years to come, but know that for as long as Crooked Howlet Design's is kicking, this archive will be in the HQ.
We have a long time before the age of this log holds any sort of true significance, but we've got some things to dabble in, in the meantime. So crack a tin, spin a yarn, breed and we'll be here when you want to come by with your spawn and see the history of your ring.
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The New HQ

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So I've had my nuts stapled to my forehead for the last two weeks, whilst we move into the new studio. Is that a traditional phrase for 'being busy'? Probably not. But yes, we have been busy. 

Just a quick update this week. The CHD HQ has relocated! Literally only about 35 metres, moved into a bigger premises in Precinct 75 (St Peters, Sydney). 

Super excited about this move, as real big things to come! Along with the growing team and bigger production area, the new HQ will have a display shop front which will be open most days. The setup will also be equipped for all customs, bespoke and engagement ring consultations. Our head jeweller Steve, specialised in handmade engagement rings before the move to CHD and will be making his services once again available for the dreamer who needs his missus to stick around. 

Essentially, anything shy of a prostate checkup, you'll be able to wrangle in the new studio. 

We'll keep you all posted on the first opening!


- Ryan

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The Annual Design Comp...

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A new concept in the works; the CHD Annual Design Comp...
This is what she'll look like;
The competition will simply be the design of a piece jewellery; signet or pendant. People will enter their concept in the way of sketches, illustrations, 3D CAD models etc. Very few limitations and we'll give you a formate to follow closer to the time.
The comp will run once a year, with entries being allowed for two months leading up to the final date - during this time, we'll showcase all the designs online.
I have gone back and forth on how the winner will be drawn - I was thinking a voting system online, however I feel that having it as a CHD picking the winner is probably best. Otherwise, some punter who has drawn a cock and balls on a the back of a ciggie pack, might end up nabbing the win if he gets his solid crew of followers to vote on his design. Not saying the right cock and ball design can't win, but the concept will need to really speak to me.
I am always well impressed by some of the concept sketches and designs that customers come up with when commissioning a custom design. So I proper keen to see what you all brew up for us.
For the winning design; we will probably produce and sell for a limited period - another aspect that still needs ironing out. How the winner is awarded - a prize incentive, design royalty... still need to figure that side out. Either way, we'll do a bio on the winner, have a one-off exclusively engraved designer piece and let them ride the glory of the mediocre high.
I am hoping this is something that runs with CHD for as long as we're still kicking. I really want this to become a staple of our brand, something that rustles up some froth every year.
Stay subversively close and there will be more details to come soon.
- Ryan
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The Ring Kamasutra

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Over the coming four weeks, we'll be running you through the ring combinations one can run on their mitts, along with their respective names and unwilling lifestyle choices they *generally subject themselves too.

From the One Runner through to the Full Quiver - these setups of one, two, three or four rings have a particular sashay intrinsic to the orientation... Or it could just be down to which swollen prodder will fit the ring that day.
Whether its the signs of the Zodiac drifting outside their lane or a few suspect weekend activities rendering certain fingers usable, your chosen ring orientation has landed you within a particular category. Lets take the example of someone channelling double pieces, one of the pointer and one on the middle; this is known as the Oily Rag. Know it, learn it, then we'll take it from there. 

Along with laying these ring combinations out for you, we'll also be suggesting design styles we feel are best suited together. The 'CHD Suites', we'll call it for now. 

Once again, Nick Potts on the artwork and doing it as fine as ever. See below the intro to the Ring Kamasutra... 
After these few weeks, we'll have a foldout newspaper style 'Ring Kamasutra' with all the combinations and their respective names - which we'll be sending out with every order. 
So keep your feet on the mat, stay perversely close and we've got some words for you in coming weeks...

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Mad Monday

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Since we've started, I can't think of a week where we've had more rustling and wrangling, than next week. Mega collection and content releases, that you'll need to get in and around. 

Starting Monday, we have the release of The Howlet Collection, the second Nick Potts x CHD Collab Ring and a new collection which has been waiting in the wings for months now - the Chapter Collection. 

Along with the launch of these collections, we have two clips being released at the start of next week - both made in collaboration with local film maker, Matt Hill. 

The first clip, which intro's the Howlet Collection, follows the process of design conceptualisation right through the production process until the final piece. Matt has just let his tweaked creativity run rampant on this piece, showing the 'design conception process' in a wet for dry scene, which gives the impression of being underwater and the thoughts for the design being projected onto the wall. You see these projections then play out into the design and finished product. Its an absolute work of mastery, stay hyped for this. 
The second clip, goes into depth on the CHD Ring Library, its significance and the inspiration behind our packaging.  This piece is more of a editorial, with myself describing certain aspects of the Ring Library and the reasoning behind our boxing process. This clip is coupled up with the Chapter Collection.

 The second piece in the Nick Potts x CHD Collaboration, is using the doubled eye artwork, see below. This piece will be set in a antique cushion styled, set with an oxidised silver or gold alloy plate. 
Steer real close, things are humming. 

- Ryan
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