Melbourne Polishing Point & Showroom

 The first of the CHD Polishing Points & Showrooms, is now open.


The Polishing Point serves three main purposes;

  1. A place to come and have your CHD jewellery professionally polished

  2. To have your fingers sized

  3. To see our collection


This first concept store is really fleshing out a new chapter for our company. One in which we are striving to be more accessible to our customers. Having a physical presence in as many locations as possible, for most of our customer base to be able to come into the showroom, ask questions, see new designs, get sized up and of course - give you're jewellery a face-lift with a professional polish.


139 Victoria Parade,
Collingwood VIC 3066

We are open!

Wednesday 11am - 7pm

Thursday 9am - 5pm

Friday 9am - 4pm 

Saturday 10am - 2pm 

(Closed today sorry 14/05)



If you'd like to organise a visit outside these times above, that's absolutely no problem at all. Just forward us an email and we can set that up.

(Only need to book a visit if you are looking for customs or bespoke consultation).

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