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Day 1; Missing that date....

I have made the call this morning to postpone the launch of the Design Comp pieces...

This isn't a phoney Kayne hype builder... I COULD have dropped this tomorrow, no problem, but I've been really bothered by a few aspects that I know we can do better. And it would be a disservice to Justin, Lyell and all of you to jump the gun. 

It's always a very brutal call to make, as I am so weary of the anticipation and eagerness to see these pieces made. However, it's that same anticipation that bares over me with an intimidating glare, that I feel we need to get this design perfect on our end. 


So, let's do this... I am going to push it back until October. BUT we've got some surprises for you this month, that were due out in October. So the ol' wife (month) swap is going down. 

We are moving forward, 'The Pinky Piece Release'. So try and keep the hate mail to a minimum, we've got you covered this month...


- Ryan

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