Design Comp Winner; Prosperity (Behind The Design)

What a way to bring in the First annual CHD Design Comp...

I'll be dead honest, I don't know how we top this next year. 
I was definitely apprehensive coming into this design comp, thinking that I would probably need to enter a design myself under a fake alias to have a piece worthy of being sold within the ranks at CHD, but I will gladly say, I couldn't have more wrong. The top 50 alone, I would have been more than honoured to run in our collection. 
Out of the murder's row of killer designs, emerges Conor Jon Taylor's Prosperity. Absolutely honoured to have this piece as our winning design. Now let's break down the design concept and final piece. 
See below the original design artwork; 
“The ring symbolises balance, with two opposing yet equal forces, there’s no one without the other. For there to be prosperity in the world, there must be balance."
- Conor
The idea of of two opposing forces, the 'ying & yang' motif, was executed perfectly with the Koi Fish design.
We have taken a sculptural design of the Koi Fish, rather than engraving into the face. We have sunken the Koi Fish into the traditional round signet face and lightly textured to backing of the signet face under the fish.
Our design touch to an already amazing piece, was to have the tails of the Koi Fish actually coming through the side of the band, rather than spilling over the face.
On the inside, we also have the asian symbols representing "Prosperity". The devils in the hidden detail.
The piece on the hand, sits beautifully flush, with tucked in shoulders and SBL area to showcase the signet face - the traditional style of signet jewellery. 
It truly is one of our favourite designs and as always, it will be kept exclusive always, by selling for the month of August, ONLY! 

Each piece comes with a signed authenticity slip from Crooked Howlet Designs and Conor Jon Taylor. 
Now, Go Earn The Heirloom... Take it through the wringer, wear it, beat it up and pass it on, 30 years from now. 
- Ryan

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