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The Black Math (TBM)

Posted by Ryan Purdie-Smith on

Sean, aka The Black Math, Melbourne based artist.

His style when described, would probably come across as a school-folder sketcher. It consists of chaotic, yet uninformed, simplistic symbols and lines. Nearly ‘hieroglyphic’ in nature - often over the top of portrait shots, giving the images layered depth. When the entire piece is brought together, it’s mastery.

Collaborations with the likes of Wrangler, Valley Eyewear, Joy Division, are a testament to his artistic eye for subtlety within his line art.     

Our collaboration with TBM, was a two piece collection. One round signet, flush sitting, wide band with the sides engraved with his small symbols and lines. The second piece was a round stone ring with the engravings on the inner band.

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Hanaro Shinko

Posted by Ryan Purdie-Smith on

Hanaro Shinko, German based tattoo artist.

His work sits under the underserving description of, blackwork tattoo design, however this would only give you a rudimentary understanding of the master, Han. A lot of the imagery he uses, has a birth in traditional style and will often give the nod to tribalism tattoo style, with his touch of solid blacks and simplistic lines.

Our collaboration with Han Shinko, was a 12 piece collection in 2017/18. Selling one design a month, for that month only. 

His artwork made for some amazing signet designs, in which we made his bold details really pronounced through deep engraving and blackened areas. The engraving process and the mirror finish of sterling silver can often mean the design will struggle to translate well if the artwork is highly detailed with shading and colouring. However with Hanaro, the simple, bold lines provided the ideal base for signet designs. 

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Posted by Ryan Purdie-Smith on

He's been onboard with CHD for about 3 years now. Responsible for the majority of the artwork you'll see online, from the small web icons through to the largest campaign pieces and logo's. My personal favourite of Nick's work, was done on the 'obsolete product designs', for the Crooked Howlet Designs Filters. Taken from the vintage cigarette packet designs, see below... I love the idea of branding CHD across completely irrelevant products, "stay in your lane" couldn't mean less at this point. Heading the way of Crooked Howlet Designs branded mops and buckets...   

As most artists do, you'll cringe with the idea of giving your work a 'genre', feeling your own brain giving yourself the wanker sign whilst you stumble over adjectives trying to sound the least bit corny. But when needing to be somewhat defined, you could get in the right ballpark by describing Nick's work as psychedelic. The pieces that Nick has produced for us remain quite dark and mystical, yet with that 70s Woodstock touch. A quick viewing of Nick will describe his art better than any team of renaissance poets could. He's a walking Crooked Howlet, a better representation of his art and our brand combined.
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Neil Preston

Posted by Ryan Purdie-Smith on

Neil Preston, aka Mr Preston. Tattooist from the Heartless Hands Club, Manchester, UK.

With a base in traditional tattoos, his own interpretation guided the art to evolve into more solid blacks, with less colour and whip shading - which lent itself perfectly to signet engravings.

Unlike some of our previous signet collections, Neil’s simplified rendition on traditional designs, allowed us to keep the entire ring concept minimalist and just frame the design to speak for itself. 

Our collaboration with Neil Preston, is a 12 piece collection in 2019. Selling one design a month, for that month only.

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